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Without the consumers’ spending money on goods and services, it would be impossible to have any kind of commerce. Nonetheless, the consumers simply don’t buy a product because it exists. Most of them go to great lengths to verify that a given product will be a good fit for their need. This process is what is called the pre purchase research by consumer activists/experts. In the old days, the ways in which a consumer would find this information was limited to offline strategies and methods such as book research, magazine research, word of mouth recommendations, demonstrations, advertisements, etc.

Today, the consumer still depends on these avenues for information before they can buy a product but also online channels to buy online. E-commerce companies (many of them) have also played a great role of making their customers ready to buy through their platforms. The consumer reports they share such as customer reviews, comments from users, and expert reviews/product descriptions all help consumers make better buying decisions.

Nonetheless, others such as essay writing companies don’t provide the needed consumer information to their customers.

Student consumers

When students pay for essays online, they tend to rely on the minimal amount of information to make their decisions. their journey mainly start and end on essay writing company websites which strategically omit information the potential buyer would need such as customer reviews, detailed product/service descriptions, etc. It is up to the consumers to take time researching about various service providers before they can spend their money on essays.

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What humanestudiesreview.orgdoes has been reviewing custom essay writing companies for some time now. Most of the times, the consumers rely on past customer feedback to enable their customers to make buying decisions. For example, by allowing their users to leave feedback about experiences they’ve had with custom paper writing companies, is helping students optimize the choices they make when seeking essay writing help.

How it works

We constantly collect information about different essay writing companies. Since a lot of this comes to us as comments, ratings and a discussion, we not only publish them, but also use the ratings to rank top service providers. It is critical to note that when students are armed with this information, the chances of making better hiring decisions increase predominantly. also asks its experts to write comprehensive reviews for services that have been forwarded by customers to this website.